Goddess Akewa and the Solar Eclipse


Blessings of the solar eclipse - 
may you be transformed in brilliance!

There are many examples of Solar Goddesses throughout the world.  In the Gran Chaco region of Argentina, the Toba people honored the Sun Goddess Akewa.  Long ago, she and her radiant sisters illuminated the sky, but they were curious about Earth and the men who lived there (without women), so they climbed down a rope to visit.  The men cut the rope, which prevented the star-women from ever returning to the heavens. Only Akewa remained in the sky because she had not yet descended.  Every day she walks above the Earth from one side to the next, reminding all women that they are related to Her.  Occasionally a giant jaguar tries to eat her, resulting in a solar eclipse - but Akewa always escapes, as she is too hot for the jaguar to consume. 

(© photo Nasa)

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