Blessings of Spring

 Happy Equinox!
("Windflowers" by John William Waterhouse)


International Women's Day


Celebrating International Women's Day!
(© art by Monica Stewart)


Full Moon Blessings

Happy Full Moon in Virgo!
May the seeds of harmony grow in beauty.


(© photo copyright Nuttakit.)

In Her Name ~ Temple of Learning


Gold glass of the Goddess Roma unearthed


"A very rare and refined piece of gold glass representing ‘Roma’, the woman symbol of the Eternal City, has been discovered during the construction of Rome’s Metro C metro line. . . Originally the base of a drinking glass, the discovery features an image of the female deity – the personification of the city of Rome – wearing a helmet and carrying a spear."

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(© photo Arkeonews.net)


Full Moon Blessings

 Blessings of the Full moon in Leo,
May beauty come forward in strength.

(© art C. Swift/Corbis, copyright reserved)

In Her Name ~ Temple of Learning


Blessings of Brigid!

St Brigid's Well in Kildare, Ireland
Statue by Annette McCormack

"O Brigid, Mary of the Gael,
May thy protection never fail.
Spread thy mantle over me,
Where’re I pass, where’re I be.
Weather foul or weather fair,
Keep me in your loving care."

The Wayside Well

This older well runs into and feeds the Well of Brigid and is believed to be the first well dedicated to Her in Kildare.  The plaque reads:  "St. Brigid, Mary of the Gael, pray for us." 

Next Monday, February 6th, 2023 will mark Ireland's first St. Brigid's bank holiday.  You can read more about it at this link:

(1st photo by H. Warren; 2nd photo, Kildare Heritage Centre; copyrights reserved.)

In Her Name ~ Temple of Learning


Happy Full Moon

Blessings of the Wolf Moon!
May She clearly light each step of your path.
 (© art by Nemo's Shadow/DeviantArt)

In Her Name ~ Temple of Learning


Happy New Year

 May your aim be true in the manifestation
of your dreams and visions in 2023!

(© art by K. Yutaka)

In Her Name ~ Temple of Learning