Underwater Dance During Dragon Boat Festival

"The performance by dancer He Haohao pays tribute to the famous ancient Chinese painting and poem 'Ode to Goddess of the Luo River'. The tale is about a woman named Luo who drowned in a river and became a Goddess."

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Nativity of the Muses


June 13th is the Nativity of the Muses.  May you be blessed by their Inspiration!

"Cleio is so named because the praise which poets sing in their encomia bestows great glory (kleos) upon those who are praised; Euterpe, because she gives to those who hear her sing delight (terpein) in the blessings which education bestows; Thaleia, because men whose praises have been sung in poems flourish (thallein) through long periods of time; Melpomene, from the chanting (melodia) by which she charms the souls of her listeners; Terpsichore, because she delights (terpein) her disciples with the good things which come from education; Erato, because she makes those who are instructed by her men who are desired and worthy to be loved; Polymnia, because by her great (polle) praises (humnesis) she bring distinction to writers whose works have won for them immortal fame; Urania, because men who have been instructed of her she raises aloft to heaven (ouranos), for it is a fact that imagination and the power of thought lift men's souls to heavenly heights; Calliope, because of her beautiful (kale) voice (ops), that is, by reason of the exceeding beauty of her language she wins the approbation of her auditors."  (Diordorus Siculus, trans. Oldfather)

In Her Name ~ Temple of Learning


News: Archaeologists in Israel restoring Roman Basilica


From the article:  "Archaeologists in Israel are working to restore a 2,000-year-old Roman-era basilica believed to be the largest in the country. Devastated by earthquake and the passage of millennia, it is now being rebuilt and will welcome visitors again in the coming months. Excavation first started in the 1920s when British archaeologists unearthed a massive statue of Nike, the Roman goddess of victory, standing atop Atlas holding the globe. They also uncovered a statue of the Egyptian deity Isis as Tyche, daughter of Aphrodite and a goddess of fortune."

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Happy Full Moon


Blessings of the Flower Moon in Sagittarius and the Lunar Eclipse!
May that which is hidden be revealed in beauty.

In Her Name ~ Temple of Learning


Hymn to Ratri

Hymn to Ratri, Night

The Night comes near and looks about, 
The Goddess with her many eyes. 
She has put on her glories all. 
Immortal, she has filled the space, 
Both far and wide, both low and high.
She conquers darkness with her light. 
She has undone her sister, Dawn.

The Goddess Night as she approached, 
And utter darkness flies away. 
For thou art she in whose approach 
We seek today for rest, like birds, 
Who in the branches seek their nest. 
The darkness of the night is lighted 
by the light of the moon and stars,
The dawn or bright day that lasts 
from morning till evening,
The darkness, caused by 
the retreat of Dawn or Day, 
is lighted up by the brilliant Night.

The villages have sought for rest, 
And all that walks and all that flies,
The falcons come, intent on prey.
Keep off the she-wolf, keep the wolf, 
Keep off the thief, O kindly Night, 
And be thou light for us to pass. 
Black darkness came, yet bright with stars. 
It came to us, with brilliant hues; 
Dawn, free us as from heavy debt.
Like cows, I brought this hymn to thee, 
Accept it graciously, O Night! 

(photo Nasa; Hymn from the Rig Veda, trans. Muller)

In Her Name ~ Temple of Learning


Rare Statue Returned to Libya

From the article:
"Experts believe the sculpture is a likeness of Persephone, goddess queen of the underworld and wife of Hades. Carrying a small doll, possibly a votive offering, and flaunting snake-adorned wrists, the figure was deemed among “the rarest of Cyrenaican funerary statues” by the British Museum, which assisted in its return."

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Happy Beltane

Beltane Blessings - 
may all your celebrations be joyful!

(© Fairy Dance by Hans Zatzka)

In Her Name ~ Temple of Learning


Full Moon Blessings


Blessings of the Pink Moon in Scorpio.
May all your transformations be gentle ones!

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In Her Name ~ Temple of Learning


For Earth Day


"Our Mother of the growing fields,
'O our Mother of the streams, will have pity upon us.
For whom do we belong?
Whose seeds are we?
To our Mother alone do we belong."

(© Traditional Kogi Prayer, translation by Reichel-Dolmatoff.)