Happy Full Moon

Blessings of the Full Moon in Gemini.
May She always reflect your Inner Beauty.

In Her Name ~ Temple of Learning


Dia De Los Muertos

Many blessings on this Dia de los Muertos.
May you walk with the wisdom of your ancestors.

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In Her Name ~ Temple of Learning


Goddess statuette unearthed in Yesilova Mound

From the article:

"A Mother Goddess statuette, determined to be 5 thousand years old, was found during the excavations carried out in the Yeşilova Mound (Yeşilova Höyük) in the Bornova district, which contains the ruins of the oldest settlement in Izmir. The mound dates back to 8,500 years. The mound that is being excavated, has already revealed some critical traces of The Neolithic Age and much about the early settlers in the Izmir area off the Aegean coast, their surroundings, and their culture."

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Happy Sharad Navaratri


The nine-day Hindu festival of Navaratri began on October 15th, 2023.  In the Sharad Navaratri, nine forms of Shakti/Devi are honored.  Each region celebrates this festival in their own tradition's manner, but in some areas three days each are dedicated to Durga, Lakshmi and Sarasvati. This holiday culminates on the tenth day with the observance of Vijayadashami.

(© photo of Garba dance by Reuters)

In Her Name ~ Temple of Learning


Happy Full Moon

Blessings of the Harvest Moon in Aries!
May the abundance of the season be shared by all.

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In Her Name ~ Temple of Learning


Equinox Blessings

 May the abundance of the season surround and nourish your soul.

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In Her Name ~ Temple of Learning


Blessings of the Full Moon in Pisces!


Homeric Hymn to Selene:
"And next, sweet voiced Muses, daughters of Zeus,
well-skilled in song, tell of the long-winged Moon.
From her immortal head a radiance is shown from heaven and embraces earth;
and great is the beauty that ariseth from her shining light.
The air, unlit before, glows with the light of her golden crown,
and her rays beam clear, whensoever bright Selene
having bathed her lovely body in the waters of Ocean,
and donned her far-gleaming, shining team,
drives on her long-maned horses at full speed,
at eventime in the mid-month:
then her great orbit is full and then her beams
shine brightest as she increases.
So she is a sure token and a sign to mortal men."

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In Her Name ~ Temple of Learning


News: 3-Headed Hekate Statue Discovered in Turkey


From the article:
"In the ancient city of Kelenderis in Mersin, located in the south of Turkey, the statue of the 3-headed goddess Hecate, which is evaluated to be 2300 years old, and ceramics belonging to the Hellenistic period were unearthed. The ancient city of Kelenderis is located at the Mediterranean coast of Turkey in modern town of Aydincik, which is in the province of Mersin."

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Hymn to Sekhmet-Bast


Mother of the gods, the One, the Only,
Mistress of the Crowns, thou rulest all;
Sekhmet is thy name when thou are wrathful,
Bast, beloved, when thy people call.
Daughter of the sun, with flame and fury
Flashing from the prow upon the foe;
Safely sails the boat with thy protection
Passing scatheless where thy fires glow.
Daughter of the Sun, the burial chamber
Lies in the darkness til thy light appears.
From thy Throne of Silence send us comfort,
Bast, beloved, banish all our fears.
Mother of the gods, no gods existed
Til thou camest there and gave them life.
Sekhmet of the boat, the wicked fear thee
Trampling down all evil and all strife.
Mother of the gods, the great, the loved one,
Winged and mighty, unto thee we call,
Naming thee the Comforter, the Ruler
Bast, beloved, Mother of us all.

(From The Egyptian Book of the Dead )