1200-year-old Kotravai sculpture found in Villupuram


From the article:
"Archeological enthusiasts unearthed a 1200-year-old Kotravai sculpture embossed in a slab stone near Melmalayanur in Villupuram district. 'The sculpture is five-feet-tall and four-feet-wide and carved onto the slab. We confirmed that it was a sculpture of Kotravai with the four hands.' explained Paneerselvam... Paneerselvam further pointed out that she was wearing a 'panayolai kundalam' (palm leaf ear button) and 'aram' (chain). 'All her hands had 'tholvalai' and 'kaivalai' (jewellery on the shoulder and wrist.) She covered her chest with thick katchai and her hip area had another cloth with a huge knot,' he added. According to the archeological activist, her top right hand held a 'chakra' and the lower one had a bell. A 'sangu' is seen in her top left hand, while her lower one is placed in her hip. A deer rests on the left-side of the sculpture and soldiers are carved on the right-side. Kotravai stands on a buffalo-head, he added."

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