News: Isis Temple Unearthed in Egypt


From the article:  "The Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities announced in a May 4 press statement the discovery of a tower house from the era of King Ptolemy III, in the Gabal El Haridi area in Sohag governorate in southern Egypt. Secretary-General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities Mostafa Waziry explained . . . “The checkpoint discovered is a mud-brick structure (Tower House) which was built to observe and watch the traffic between nomes borders, collect taxes and secure the boats sailing the Nile.”  He said the temple was dedicated to the goddess Isis during the era of King Ptolemy III (Euergetes) and it is 33 meters (108 feet) long and 14 meters (46 feet) wide, with an axis from north to south.

The ministry statement quoted Ayman Ashmawy, head of the Egyptian Antiquities Sector at the Supreme Council of Antiquities, as saying, “The temple consists of an open rectangular hall with four columns in the middle, followed by a transverse hall with two columns in the middle leading to the Holy of Holies, with a staircase on the west wall. The floor of the temple was formed of stone tiles from local limestone.” He stressed the historical importance of the recently discovered temple because it was dedicated to the goddess Isis, a major goddess in the ancient Egyptian religion whose worship spread in the Greco-Roman world."

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