Hymn to Ratri

Hymn to Ratri, Night

The Night comes near and looks about, 
The Goddess with her many eyes. 
She has put on her glories all. 
Immortal, she has filled the space, 
Both far and wide, both low and high.
She conquers darkness with her light. 
She has undone her sister, Dawn.

The Goddess Night as she approached, 
And utter darkness flies away. 
For thou art she in whose approach 
We seek today for rest, like birds, 
Who in the branches seek their nest. 
The darkness of the night is lighted 
by the light of the moon and stars,
The dawn or bright day that lasts 
from morning till evening,
The darkness, caused by 
the retreat of Dawn or Day, 
is lighted up by the brilliant Night.

The villages have sought for rest, 
And all that walks and all that flies,
The falcons come, intent on prey.
Keep off the she-wolf, keep the wolf, 
Keep off the thief, O kindly Night, 
And be thou light for us to pass. 
Black darkness came, yet bright with stars. 
It came to us, with brilliant hues; 
Dawn, free us as from heavy debt.
Like cows, I brought this hymn to thee, 
Accept it graciously, O Night! 

(photo Nasa; Hymn from the Rig Veda, trans. Muller)

In Her Name ~ Temple of Learning