News: Goddess Figurines and Plaque found


From the article:

"Statuettes of the ancient Greek goddess Demeter and her daughter have been discovered in Anapa, a town in Russia.  The excavation was carried on the western outskirts of the ancient Greek city of Gorgippia that was there in the 4th-2nd century B.C.  'Among the objects the archaeologists found were two complete clay figurines of Persephone, daughter of the fertility goddess Demeter. We also found a one-sided bust of Demeter herself next to two red clay pots in the same oven.  Another interesting find, which was made nearby, is a reused dedicated relief in the center of which is depicted the goddess Kyveli sitting on a throne with a lion in her arms. On both sides are the figures of the messenger of the gods Hermes and Hecate, protector of magic and sorcery, with two torches in her hands. Such a plaque could be installed near an important public building or temple.  This is the best limestone relief with such a scene known in the Bosporus.' "

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