Happy Beltane

Beltane Blessings - 
may all your celebrations be joyful!

(© Fairy Dance by Hans Zatzka)

In Her Name ~ Temple of Learning


Full Moon Blessings


Blessings of the Pink Moon in Scorpio.
May all your transformations be gentle ones!

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In Her Name ~ Temple of Learning


For Earth Day


"Our Mother of the growing fields,
'O our Mother of the streams, will have pity upon us.
For whom do we belong?
Whose seeds are we?
To our Mother alone do we belong."

(© Traditional Kogi Prayer, translation by Reichel-Dolmatoff.)


Happy Full Moon


Blessings of strength and peace on the Crow/Sap Moon in Libra.

(© 'The Crow' by Crossie, DeviantArt)

In Her Name ~ Temple of Learning


Happy Equinox!


"Song of Spring" by Ida Josephine Burgess

In Her Name ~ Temple of Learning


News: Boy Finds Ancient Fertility Goddess Amulet

"A rare 2,500-year-old fertility goddess amulet has been unearthed in Israel's Negev Desert, not by archaeologists, but by a boy on holiday. Dating to the 5th or 6th century BC, known to historians as ‘the Late Temple period,’ the bare-breasted female fertility goddess figure is thought to have served as a protection amulet for assuring good luck and prosperity to its wearer.  . . archaeologists in Israel think the 2,500-year-old amulet was perhaps used as protection for an infant during pregnancy. Furthermore, they say this particular fertility relic is 'so rare only one other similar one has ever been found.' It was probably molded during the Iron Age , sometime in the fifth or sixth century BC."

(© photo IAA)


Happy Women's Day!


Celebrating International Women's Day!
(© art by Janak Narayan)


Full Moon Blessings


May the Snow Moon in Virgo bring you 
the peace and joy that is found in Nature.

(Lassen Volcanic National Park, Getty Images)

In Her Name ~ Temple of Learning


Hymn to Aphrodite


"I will sing of stately Aphrodite, gold-crowned and beautiful, whose dominion is the walled cities of all sea-set Cyprus. There the moist breath of the western wind wafted her over the waves of the loud-moaning sea in soft foam, and there the gold-filleted Hours welcomed her joyously. They clothed her with heavenly garments: on her head they put a fine, well-wrought crown of gold, and in her pierced ears they hung ornaments of orichalc and precious gold, and adorned her with golden necklaces over her soft neck and snow-white breasts, jewels which the gold-filleted Hours wear themselves whenever they go to their father's house to join the lovely dances of the gods. And when they had fully decked her, they brought her to the gods, who welcomed her when they saw her, giving her their hands. Each one of them prayed that he might lead her home to be his wedded wife, so greatly were they amazed at the beauty of violet-crowned Cytherea."
Homeric Hymn, trans. Evelyn-White; artwork: 'Mirror of Venus'  by Walter Crane)
In Her Name ~ Temple of Learning