Prayer to Nehalennia

Greetings Goddess Nehalennia,
 Greetings protective Mother,
 Goddess Nehalennia, who gives us fruitfulness,
 Goddess Nehalennia, who give the land bountifulness,
 Goddess Nehalennia, who protects the land from water,
 Goddess Nehalennia, who protects people against water,
 Goddess Nehalennia, who protects sailors and merchants from water,
 Goddess Nehalennia, who protects trade from water,
 Goddess Nehalennia, who brings prosperity through water,
 Goddess Nehalennia, protecting Mother hear our prayers.
 Protect us today against all dangers and grant us prosperity!
(Early prayer to  Nehalennia)

(Photo by M. Mabel of  shrine of Nehalennia approx. 150-250 CE, Netherlands. Showing her holding loaves of bread, with a dog and a basket of apples on either side.)


Full Moon Blessings

Happy Full Moon in Aquarius!
May She pour forth beauty & blessings for you.
("Divine Grace" copyright F. Rassouli)


Lammas/Lughnasadh Blessings

May you find beauty in nature and
sustenance in all forms this harvest season.


(Song of the Lark by J.A. Breton, 1884)


Goddess Janguli

"Come, dear child, listen to me!
I am Janguli,
A magical lady most excellent,
A destroyer of poison.
All poisons are destroyed by my name."
(Quote from The Shikshasamucchaya, ca. 7th century)


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Full Moon Blessings

May the Thunder Moon in Capricorn
bring you illumination and clarity.


Happy Solstice!

In ancient Baltic traditions, the Sun Goddess Saule rules the heavens and rides across the sky in her golden and silver chariot, pulled by twin stallions.
"Saule, with her two gold horses,
Rides up the stone mountain
Never heated, never weary.
Never resting on the way."
Her festival was held on the Summer Solstice - bonfires were lit, blessings were asked, flower wreaths signifying the sun were assembled, and a special meal was shared.  Celebrants would stay up the entire night to witness her rising.
"The Sun dances over the silver mountain
Silver shoes she hath on her feet. . ."
(Quotes from the "Encyclopaedia of Religion & Ethics", Ed. J. Hastings. Artwork copyright Annalceflames/DeviantArt.)


Full Moon Blessings

Blessings of the Rose Moon in Sagittarius.
May She illuminate the beauty found within and around you.
In Her Name ~ Temple of Learning


Hymn to Aurora

Hear me, O Goddess! Whose emerging ray
Leads on the broad refulgence of the day;
Blushing Aurora, whose celestial light
Beams on the world with reddening splendours bright:
Angel of Titan, whom with constant round,
Thy orient beams recall from night profound:
Labour of every kind to lead is thine,
Of mortal life the minister divine.
Mankind in thee eternally delight,
And none presumes to shun thy beauteous sight.
Soon as thy splendours break the bands of rest,
And eyes unclose with pleasing sleep oppressed;
Men, reptiles, birds, and beasts, with general voice,
And all the nations of the deep, rejoice;
For all the culture of our life is thine.
Come, blessed power! and to these rites incline:
Thy holy light increase, and unconfined;
Diffuse its radiance on thy mystic's mind.
("Hymn to Aurora", The Hymns of Orpheus, trans. T. Taylor, "Goddess of the Dawn" artwork by Evelyn De Morgan)


National Geographic Reconstructing Face of Ancient Peruvian Priestess

From the article:
"National Geographic is in the process of reconstruction of La SeƱora de Cao, an ancient Governor-Priestess who ruled during the Moche civilization that developed on the northern coast of Peru during the 1st through 8th centuries."