Hathor Invocation

Awake in peace!
You, yourself beautifully wake in peace!
 Hwt-Hrw, Mistress of Iunet, Awake in life!
 The Neteru themselves raise to worship you each day,
 The venerable sky!
 For you are the one, the ball of the sun that pierces the sky,
 Flooding the country side with gold, who brings life in the east,
 Who then immerses the setting sun each night in Iunet.
 Awake, Hwt-Hrw, in peace!
 The Great Mistress of Iunet, Eye of Ra,
Mistress of the sky,
 Queen of all the Neteru,
The venerable and powerful one
Who takes Her place in the barge!
 You, yourself Awake in peace!
 Awake in peace the Mistress of Iunet,
Queen of women, beautiful of face,
 Whose eyes are made-up, whose breasts shimmer,
The Mistress of costume and beauty!
 You, yourself wake in peace!
 Awake in peace beautiful woman whose love is soft,
The Mistress of the Menat,
 Queen of the Sistrum, your son - Ihy, the child - appeases you!
 You, yourself wake in peace!

(Invocation from "Dendera I: Traduction” by S. Cauville, trans. K. Wisner. Hathor column, Dendera Temple.)

In Her Name ~ Temple of Learning