News: Canaanite Temple Found in Southern Israel

From the article:  "A Canaanite temple about 3,200 years old has been found at the site of the biblical city of Lachish, dating to the city’s turbulent last days under Egyptian rule. In addition to the ruins, the team discovered bronze cauldrons, daggers and axe heads adorned with bird images, scarabs and a gold-plated bottle inscribed with the name Ramses II.  They also unearthed an amulet apparently inspired by Hathor, an ancient Egyptian member of the pantheon. The archaeologists [also] discovered an incredibly rare inscription on a pottery shard with early Canaanite writing – including the first-ever found representation of the proto-Canaanite letter samekh."

(© illustration of amulet of Hathor, holding lotus flowers or papyrus, by O. Dobovsky)