Queen Mother of the West

Blessings of the New Moon in Aquarius and the Chinese New Year of the Metal Rat!  Wu Yun (8th Century Daoist Priest) described a visit to the Queen Mother of the West's temple in one of his poems:

"Riding on the mist, I wander to lofty Whirlwind Peak.
The Lady of the Supreme Primordial descends through jade interior doors;
The Queen Mother opens her blue-gem palace.
Celestial people - what a crowd!
A lofty meeting inside the cyan audience hall.
Arrayed attendants perform cloud songs;
Realized intonations fill the grand empty space.
Every thousand years, her purple crabapple ripens;
Every four kalpas, her numinous melon produces abundantly.
This music differs from that at the feast in the wilderness,
So convivial, and certainly infinite."

(Quan Tangshi, line 4942)

In Her Name ~ Temple of Learning