Eirene: Peace

The Goddess Eirene is one of the Horae and the personification of Peace. She was depicted as a beautiful young woman carrying a cornucopia, sceptre, torch or rhyton. In the statue she is bearing Plutus, son of Demeter.

"Daughters of Zeus and Themis, Horae bright, Dike (Justice), and blessed Eirene (Peace) and Eunomia (Lawfulness) right, vernal and grassy, vivid, holy powers, whose balmy breath exhales in lovely flowers; all-coloured Horae, rich increase your care, circling, forever flourishing and fair: invested with a veil of shining dew, a flowery veil delightful to the view: attending Persephone, when back from night the Moirae and Charites, lead her up to light; when in a band harmonious they advance, and joyful round her form the solemn dance. With Mother Demeter triumphing, and Zeus divine, propitious come, and on our incense shine; give earth a store of blameless fruits to bear, and make these novel mystics' life your care."  

Orphic Hymn 43, 'To the Horae, Fumigation from Aromatics' (trans. Taylor)
Photo: Wikipedia. Roman copy after a Greek votive statue by Kephisodotos.

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