To the Mother of the Gods

"Mother of Gods, great nurse of all, draw near,
Divinely honored, regard my prayer:
Throned on a chariot, by lions drawn,
By bull-destroying lions, swift and strong,
Thou swayest the sceptre of the pole divine,
And the word's middle seat, much-famed, is thine.
Hence earth is thine, and needy mortals share
Their constant food, from thy protecting care:
From thee at first both Gods and men arose;
From thee, the sea and every river flow.
Hestia, and source of good, thy name we find
To mortal men rejoicing to be kind;
For every good to give, thy soul delights;
Come, mighty power, propitious to our rites,
All-taming, blessed, Phrygian saviour, come,
Kronos’ great queen, rejoicing in the drum.
Celestial, ancient, life-supporting maid,
Inspiring fury,  Goddess give thy suppliant aid;
With joyful aspect on our incense shine,
And, pleased, accept the offering divine."

("To Meter Theon", Orphic Hymn, trans. Taylor; "Rhea Riding Lion", Athenian red-figure vase,
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Theoi, Greek Mythology)

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