Hymn to Athena

Great Goddess, hear! and on my darkened mind
Pour thy pure light in measure unconfined;
That sacred light, O all-protecting queen,
Which beams eternal from thy face serene:
My soul, while wandering on the earth, inspire
With thy own blessed and impulsive fire;
And from thy fables, mystic and divine,
Give all her powers with holy light to shine.
Give love, give wisdom, and a power to love,
Incessant tending to the realms above;
Such as, unconscious of base earth's control,
Gently attracts the vice-subduing soul;
From night's dark region aids her to retire,
And once more gain the palace of her sire:
And if on me some just misfortune press,
Remove the affliction, and thy suppliant bless.
Proclus' Hymn to Athena
(trans. T. Taylor)

(Statue of Athena of the Parthenos. 1st century Greek copy of the original work from the 5th century BC. National Museum of Rome.)

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