Reflections on the Harvest

May we receive the first harvest of the season
with the same grace and love in which the Earth Mother provides it.
("Moca no Trigal" c. 1916, Eliseu Visconti)


Full Moon Blessings

May the Full Moon eclipse in Aquarius reveal and heal!

(photo copyright Ecstaticist)

In Her Name ~ Temple of Learning


Earth Prayer

Cover my Earth Mother four times with many flowers.
Let the heavens be covered with the banked-up clouds.
Let the earth be covered with fog; cover the earth with rains.
Great waters, rains, cover the earth.  Lighting cover the earth.
Let thunder be heard over the earth; let thunder be heard;
Let thunder be heard over the six regions of the earth.
Zuni Prayer


News article: Adivasi Women Save A Forest

From the article: 

" 'Did you breastfeed these Saal trees? Why are you stopping us from cutting them down?' growled the poachers.

" 'How can you breastfeed your own mother?' retorted the resolute Adivasi women.

"The news of Adivasi women standing up to powerful poachers spread like forest fire. The women also repeatedly engaged with the Forest Ranger. An official meeting was arranged between them and forest officers. All poachers were subsequently arrested. Each one of them was fined ₹5,000. Illegal logging of trees in the vicinity of Hakim Sinan village and beyond has abated. There is still an undercurrent of threat to this collective from vested interests but the women of this SHG are confident of taking on any challenge to save their forest: their Goddess, their Mother."
(photo copyright S. Chatterjee, PRADAN)


Hymn to the Goddess Nemesis

Thee, Nemesis we call, Almighty Queen,
by whom the deeds of mortal life are seen:
Eternal, much revered, of boundless sight,
alone rejoicing in the just and right:
Changing the counsels of the human breast
for ever various, rolling without rest.
To every mortal is thy influence known,
and men beneath thy righteous bondage groan;
For every thought within the mind concealed
is to thy fight perspicuously revealed.
The soul unwilling reason to obey
by lawless passion ruled, thy eyes survey.
All to see, hear, and rule, O Power Divine
whose nature Equity contains, is thine.
Come, blessed, holy Goddess, hear our prayer,
and make our life, thy constant care:
Give aid benignant in the needful hour,
and strength abundant to the reasoning power;
And far avert the dire, unfriendly race
of counsels impious, arrogant, and base.

Orphic Hymn to Nemesis
(trans. T. Taylor)

("Nemesis", painting by Gheorghe Tattarescu, Museum of Bucharest)

In Her Name ~ Temple of Learning