Happy Chaitra Navratri!

In honor of the Navratri Festival, celebrating the Goddess Shakti/Devi in her various forms. The Chaitra Navratri (or Vasant Navratri) begins on March 28th and continues for nine nights.


Equinox blessings

Happy Spring Equinox!
May you dance with joy in Earth's beauty.
(painting by Karina Llergo, copyright reserved)


Full Moon Blessings

Happy Worm/Sap Full Moon in Virgo.
May the seeds of inspiration spring forth in beauty!


The Junonalia

Hymn to Juno
'O Royal Juno of majestic mien,
Aerial-formed, divine, Jove's blessed queen,
Throned in the bosom of caerulean air,
The race of mortals is thy constant care.
The cooling gales thy power alone inspires,
Which nourish life, which every life desires.
Mother of clouds and winds, from thee alone
Producing all things, mortal life is known:
All natures share thy temperament divine,
And universal sway alone is thine.
With founding blasts of wind, the swelling sea
And rolling rivers roar, when shook by Thee.
Come, blessed Goddess, famed almighty queen,
With aspect kind, rejoicing and serene.

(Orphic Hymn, trans. T. Taylor)

In Her Name ~ Temple of Learning