Happy Equinox

May the beauty of the season bless your Equinox!
(Woodland Fairy artwork by Ruth Sanderson, copyright reserved.)


News: Aphrodite statue at Petra

From the article:
"Researchers working in Jordan, at the ancient city of Petra, have unearthed two statues of the mythical goddess of love: Aphrodite. The marble statues were discovered during the excavation of domestic structures in the North Ridge section of the city this past summer."

(photo copyright T. Parker)


September Full Moon

Happy Full Moon in Pisces!
May the Harvest Moon bring you many blessings.


Goddess News: Neolithic figurine in Turkey

From the article:
"Archaeologists at Turkey's neolithic site of Çatalhöyük in central Anatolia have unearthed a "unique" complete female figurine, The Ministry of Culture and Tourism said on Tuesday."

(photo copyright Daily Sabah)


Goddess News: Goddess Cybele statue

From the article:
"An estimated 2,100-year-old rare marble statue of Cybele, the mother goddess of Anatolia, has been unearthed in excavations in northwestern Ordu province located on the Black Sea coast. The historic sculpture of Cybele sitting on her throne weighed a whopping 200 kilograms and was about 110 centimeters tall. The statue is also the first marble statue found in Turkey in its original place."

(photo copyright Daily Sabah)


Goddess News: Goddess Mohini Unearthed

From the article:
"An at least 800-years-old temple has been unearthed in Dinajpur’s Kaharol that has a unique architecture and includes a unique idol, that of the Vishnu avatar Mohini.  This goddess is well-known across South and West India, but the Kaharol temple is the first of its kind discovered in the eastern subcontinent. Experts say the implications of this finding may change predominant ideas about the region’s history and traditions."

(photo copyright Dhaka Tribune)