Full Moon and Solstice Blessings

Blessings of the Full Moon and the Summer Solstice.
May abundance and creativity flow!


Happy Vestalia!

Today is the first day of the Vestalia.  In Rome, this festival honored the Goddess Vesta and took place from June 7th-15th.  On the first day, the Holy of Holies of the Temple was opened for women to leave their offerings.

Hymn to Vesta
"Daughter of Saturn, venerable dame,
The seat containing of unwearyed flame;
In sacred rites these ministers are thine,
Mystics much-blessed, holy and divine
In thee, the Gods have fixed place,
Strong, stable, basis of the mortal race:
Eternal, much-formed ever-florid queen,
Laughing and blessed, and of lovely mien;
Accept these rites, accord each just desire,
And gentle health, and needful good inspire."

(quote from The Hymns of Orpheus. (trans. T. Taylor) "In the Temple of Vesta", painting by Constantin Holscher, 1902)


Calgary exhibit shows historic faces of money

From the article:
"The Calgary exhibit gives visitors a glimpse at the first coins to be accepted internationally — the face of the Greek goddess Athena and the Athenian owl."
(photo of the helmeted head of Athena coin, copyright CBC)