Beltane Blessings!

Blessings of the Season!
(illustration by Florence Mary Anderson, 1916)


Praise to Kurukulla

"From the expanse of ultimate reality,
Your supremely blissful body emerges,
The color of love and passion,
Resplendent as a dazzling lotus. . .
Your compassion is boundless and unchangeable;
Your four arms brandish a hook that summons,
Noose that flings to the unexcelled realm, and
Bow and arrow of wisdom and artful liberation.
Praises to you, beautiful goddess!"

Traditional Tibetan Buddhist prayer


News article: Celebrations of Goddess Tin Hau

From the article:
"For the next two months, devotees in Hong Kong will hold elaborate events in the name of the Chinese goddess whose well-established date of birth is the 23rd day of the third month in the lunar calendar. This year, it falls on April 29 but festivities have already kicked off. On Sunday, thousands will gather outside the Tin Hau temple in Tai Po for Taoist rituals, traditional dances and displays of paper models of altars called fa pau (literally, flower firecrackers). This is followed by weeks of street parades (the biggest is in Yuen Long), temple ceremonies, Cantonese opera performances in temporary bamboo marquees and, finally, a flotilla of Aberdeen fishing boats decked out in colourful flags at the end of June."

(photo copyright, D. Lee)


News Article: Hatshepsut

From the article:
"Last week, Egypt's Ministry of Antiquities announced a discovery connected to Hatshepsut that provides greater insight into the life story of this remarkable female pharaoh. The German Archaeological Institute uncovered blocks that likely belonged to one of her buildings."
(Statue at Temple of Hatshepsut at Deir el Bahari, Egypt. (iStock)


Earth Prayer

"Let us give thanks for the world around us.
Thanks for all the creatures, stones and plants
Let us learn their lessons and seek their truths,
So that their path might be ours,
And we might live in harmony, a better life.
May the Earth continue to live,
May the heavens above continue to live,
May the rains continue to dampen the land,
 May the wet forests continue to grow,
 Then the flowers shall bloom
 And we people shall live again."

Hawaiian Prayer

(Gaia by Katherine Skaggs, copyright reserved)


Happy Full Moon!

Blessings of the Full Moon in Scorpio.
May your goals and dreams flower into fruition!


Mother Goddess

Mother Goddess
S. Bihar, India, 1st-2nd century BCE
(photo copyright J. Eskenazi)