News: Buddhist Deity Returns to Boston

From the article:
"This deity, Guanyin, which embodies compassion, was carved about 900 years ago from a tree trunk. Nearly six feet tall, the figure is seated in a casual pose, with its glass eyes facing downward and one leg dangling as though being dipped in a pool of water. The underlying legend is that the deity was gazing at a reflection of the moon in the water."

(photo copyright Museum of Fine Arts, Boston)


News: 7-year-old finds 3,400-year-old Canaanite Figurine

From the article:
"A great many figurines depicting females, some carved in stone and some in etched on bronze, have been found in the region, Alexandre explains some are very clearly goddess idols but some could well be portraits of women that lived at the time. This one had been made of clay that was pressed into a mold, says the Israel Antiquities Authority."

(photo, C. Amit, Israel Antiquities Authority)


Full Moon Blessings

Blessings of the Snow Moon in Virgo!
May you always dance in joy with the Earth Mother.
(painting: "Bear Dance" by Susan Seddon Boulet)


Hymn to Sarasvati

"Your inexhaustible breast, Sarasvati,
that flows with the food of life,
that you use to nourish all that one could wish for,
freely giving treasure and wealth and beautiful gifts,
bring that here for us to drink."
The Rig Veda