Happy Full Moon!

Blessings of the Frost/Beaver Moon in Gemini!
May your ideas be full of wisdom and meaning.


Eirene - Goddess of Peace

"How far peace outweighs war in benefits to man; Eirene /Peace, the chief friend and cherisher of the Mousai/Muses. Eirene /Peace, the enemy of revenge, lover of families and children, patroness of wealth."

(painting of Peace/Eirene by Ludwig Knaus, quote from The Suppliants, by Euripides)


Blessings of Kwan Yin

May She who hears the cries of the world bring you comfort and peace.
Excerpt from the Lotus Sutra:
"True Kuan Yin! Pure Kuan Yin!
Immeasurably wise Kuan Yin!
Merciful and filled with pity,
Ever longed-for and revered!

O' Radiance spotless and effulgent!
O' night-dispelling Sun of Wisdom!
O' Vanquisher of storm and flame!
Your glory fills the world!
Your pity is a shield from lightning,
Your compassion forms a wondrous cloud
Which, raining down the Dharma-nectar,
Extinguishes the flames of woe."
(photo by Jpatokal at Daien-in Temple, Japan)


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