News article: Artists prepare for Durga puja

"Artisans say they bring the earth, the essential element to form the goddess’s image, from the Karnaphuli river."

(photo copyright the Daily Star)


Full Moon Eclipse

Blessings of the Super Moon and Lunar eclipse in Aries.
May any secrets in hiding be revealed for you,
and may you transform any fiery discord into radiant good works!

(NASA eclipse photo.)


News Article: Olympic flame Priestess passes

Last surviving priestess from the first Olympic flame lighting ceremony passes away.

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Happy Equinox!

Blessings of the Autumn season. 
May your path be filled with beauty and the promise of hope.


Sacred Corn

Before sending it into the cooking pot,
Aztec women talked to and blew their breath on the corn,
so it wouldn't be afraid of the heat.
(Illustration from a late 16th-century Florentine Aztec codex. )


News Article: Divination Site Findings

From the article:
"At the archaeological site of Kerameikos archaeologists from the German Archaeological Institute brought to light a well probably used for hydromancy rituals. The well was revealed when archaeologists overturned a marble stone and it bore an inscription on the walls addressed to Apollo, the ancient Greek god of phrophecy and was probably used for divination in early Roman times, as the lettering suggests.
"The finding is exceptionally significant as it identifies the spot as the first and unique Apollo divination site in Athens, confirming the worshipping of the ancient god along with his sister Artemis and restoring the accurate interpretation of the site as a shrine rendered by K. Mylonas in the late 19th century to a third goddess, Hecate."