News article: National Museum Bangkok Exhibition

From the article:

"To celebrate the 60th birthday of HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, the Fine Arts Department is hosting a special exhibition, "Feminine Deities: Buddhism, Hinduism And Indigenous Cults In Thailand"at the National Museum Bangkok. The objective is to disseminate knowledge about faith and beliefs relating to women in Thailand through the ages via religious sculptures.

The exhibition is divided into four parts — Goddesses: Traditional Beliefs From The Past; Goddesses In Brahmanism-Hinduism: The Supreme Power Of Females; Female Deities In Buddhism: The Power Of Intellect; and Goddesses In Traditional Beliefs: The Power Of Nature."

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Goddess Atargatis

The Goddess Atargatis, Nabatean temple at Khirbet Tannur.

(photo copyright M. Gunther)


News article: Petroglyphs in Ratnagiri and Rajapur districts

From the Article:
"He added that a drawing of Lajja Gauri, the fertility goddess who is a symbol of matriarchal society, was also found in the region."

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(photos, petroglyph sites in Salegaon, Upale and Devache Gothane, copyright punemirror.in)



To the Graces

"Hear me, illustrious Graces, mighty named,
From Jove descended and Eunomia famed;
Thalia, and Aglaia fair and bright,
And blest Euphrosyne whom joys delight:
Mothers of mirth, all lovely to the view,
Pleasure abundant pure belongs to you:
Various, forever flourishing and fair,
Desired by mortals, much invoked in prayer:
Circling, dark-eyed, delightful to mankind,
Come, and your mystics bless with bounteous mind."
("Hymns of Orpheus", trans. Taylor; painting of section of "Primavera" by Sandro Botticelli)


Happy Full Moon!

May the Full Flower Moon of May bring
enlightenment through Beauty.
(artwork copyright Rebecca Ronesi)