4,000 Year-Old ‘Masked Goddess’ Statue Named National Treasure

"The figure, which was made by piling up the circular clay strings, is estimated to have been created in the late period of the Jomon Age, which is thought to have begun as long as 16,000 years ago. “In the Jomon Age, which lasted in peace for 10,000 years, people lived together with the nature, refrained from taking more than they needed and helped each other,” Chiyokazu Yanagidaira, the mayor of Chino city, which possesses the statue, said Thursday.


City of Mother Goddess

"Celal Bayar University Archaeology Department Professor Serdar Aybek said Metropolis was established in the third century B.C. and was an important city of trade along with Ephesus and Smyrna. It was known as the “Mother Goddess City” in mythology . . . The artistic style of the theater, assembly building and baths in Metropolis is very important. Structures were built like a sculpture. Excavations show us that the city is bigger than we estimated. For example, excavations are continuing on the third biggest bath in the city. It covers an area of some 6,000 square meters and is a magnificent structure. We see that the infrastructure of the Roman-era bath has survived so far to a great extent”.



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The Muse Melpomene

"To each of the Mousai men assign her special aptitude for one of the branches of the liberal arts . . . for the name of each Mousa, they say, men have found a reason appropriate to her . . . Melpomene, from the chanting by which she charms... the souls of her listeners." 
Diodorus Siculus, trans. Oldfather

Originally, Melpomene was the Muse of Singing. Her name means "one who is melodious" and is derived from the Greek root word melpomai, "to celebrate with dance and song". Later, during the Classical era, she became the Muse of Tragedy. In this photo she is holding the mask of tragedy in one hand, a club in the other, and wears a wreath of the vines and grapes of Dionysus. 

(statue by Monte Calvo, 2nd century AD. Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Denmark)

In Her Name ~ Temple of Learning


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