Temple of Mazu (Matsu)

Temple of the Sea Goddess Mazu
Yantai, Shandong province, China


Goddess News: Sekhmet Statue Unveiled

Egyptian goddess statue unveiled in İzmir’s Red Basilicaz. 
From the article:  "An almost nine-meter long lion-headed Egyptian goddess Sekhmet has been revived in the Red Basilica (Kızıl Avlu) in the largest structure of the ancient city of Pergamon in İzmir’s Bergama district, and opened to visits on Sept. 26. The statue has already drawn great interest from tourists in the area.  German Excavation Institute Chairman Ferix Pilson said it would contribute to Bergama’s inclusion in the UNESO Cultural Heritage list in June next year. The Egyptian statue pieces found during the excavations since 1930 in the Red Basilica are among the most important statues from the Roman Empire. Among them, the lion-headed goddess statue was reconstructed thanks to the support of the Studiosus Foundation. The statue was raised last year for trial purposes and with further works, and it reached an impressive height of 8.5 meters."
(photo copyright DHA)


Tewa Prayer

When the Corn Mothers are Fed

Cornmeal is thrown on the altar by Bear Priest:
 "Now and here
 My old women gods I give you
 This corn meal
 And thank you."

All join and throw cornmeal on the altar:
"Now and here,
 Our old women Gods,
 Take this!
 Long life give us
 And our children!"
(Traditional Tewa prayer.  Photo of Tewa girl with butterfly whorl hairstyle by Edward Curtis, 1922.)

Other Devotions:  In Her Name


Happy Equinox!

A reminder that every harvest also holds the seeds of new beginnings. 
Abundant Autumn blessings!
(photo of oak acorn, copyright D. Ramsey)


Goddess News: Aphrodite Unearthed in Turkey

From the article:
"A group of archaeologists has discovered a life-sized marble head of Aphrodite while uncovering an ancient pool-side mosaic in southern Turkey. Buried under soil for hundreds of years, the goddess of love and beauty has some chipping on her nose and face. Researchers think her presence could shed light on the extent of the Roman Empire's wide cultural influence at the time of its peak."

(photo copyright M. Hoff)


Full Moon of Autumn

Blessings of the Harvest Moon in Pisces.
May the rich abundance of this season be shared by all.
(Harvest Moon by Samuel Palmer, circa 1833. Yale Center for British Art.)


Devotion to the Goddess Marici

"One who merely remembers your name
Will be protected from all fears.
I revere the Goddess Marici,
Granter of supreme, stainless bliss.
You ride a jeweled chariot drawn by seven wild boars,
Seated gracefully on a lotus and moon seat,
With one face and two hands, dazzlingly golden,
I pay homage to you, Lady Marici.
With your right hand in the gesture of blessing
And your left bearing an asoka tree,
Draped with jewelry and enjoying every opulence,
Adoration to you, glorious Marici."

(quote from the Maricinama Dharani. photo of Marici by Oracle Bone, Hongfashan Temple, Hong Kong)

More devotions:  http://www.inhername.com


Isis leads Nefertari

For those who are having difficulty with any type of underworld experience right now:
Isis leading Queen Nefertari
(reproduction of a painting in Nefertari's tomb, Valley of the Queens)


Statues from Malta

"The Great Ones"
Temple statues from Hagar Qim, Malta. 
National Museum of Archaeology of Malta