Full Moon Blessings

May the Lunar Beltane ~ Full Moon in Scorpio
bring you love and joy!


Earth Day

 In honor of Earth Day, please enjoy this beautiful painting
called "Windflowers" by John William Waterhouse


Home-study enrollment deadline

A reminder that applications need to be in by next Wednesday, April 24th, for our May 1st enrollment. For more information on our correspondence courses, please go to our website link below. Thank you!


News article: When art and tradition come alive

From the article: "It is the combination of colours and the intricacy of design that strike the viewer. On Wednesday, the fifth day of the Vadakkupurathupattu festival, which is held once in 12 years at Vaikom Mahadeva temple, the artistes of the ritual drawing called kalamezhuthu had portrayed Goddess Bhadrakali with 16 hands. . .Drawn with colours obtained from nature, the artistes blend the available elemental colours to make the desired shades. The green from the leaves of the Mayflower tree, turmeric for yellow, saffron for orange, carbon powder obtained by burning paddy husk for black, rice powder for white and lime are used to create different colours. Each day, the kalam is wiped away using flowers and hands after the ritual singing of hymns and songs."

(photo: V. Chandran)


Goddess Ceres

In honor of the 7-day Cerealia this month:  "Next come the games of Ceres. There is no need to declare the reason; the bounty and the services of the goddess are manifest. The bread of the first mortals consisted of the green herbs which the earth yielded without solicitation; and now they plucked the living grass from the turf, and now the tender leaves of tree-tops furnished a feast. . . Ceres delights in peace; and you, ye husbandmen, pray for perpetual peace . .  You may give the goddess spelt, and the compliment of spurting salt, and grains of incense on old hearths; and if there is no incense, kindle resinous torches. Good Ceres is content with little, if that little be but pure."  (From Ovid, Fasti Book 4, trans. JG Frazer)
(photo from the Museum of Roman Art of Merida, Spain by O.M. Repoller)


Hymn to Annapurna

O Mother Annapurna!
Ishvari, who ever bestoweth happiness,
Granting gifts and dispelling fear.
O mine of gems of beauty,
Who washeth away all sin,
Who giveth purity to Thy devotees,
Who purifieth the mountain range,
Which is undestroyed even at the time of dissolution,
Presiding Deity of Kasi,
Mahesvari in every truth,
O vessel of mercy, grant me aid.
Ishvari of all men on earth,
The waves of Thy blue-black hair look (beautiful) like plaits.
Ishvari who ever giveth food,
Bestower of happiness to all, who advanceth all people,
Presiding Devi over the City of Kasi,
O vessel of merc
y, grant me aid!
Selection from a Hymn to Annapurna
translation by John Woodroffe
Read the entire hymn and other devotions to the Goddess on our website:  http://www.inhername.com


Lady of the Lake

The Lady of the Lake
Illustrated by Lancelot Speed, 1912