Full Moon Blessings

May you find both balance and beauty in this Libra Full Moon.


Blessings of Spring

The Goddess Flora 
 The scroll at the bottom of her feet reads (in Italian):
"I come down from Florence and am Flora,
This city takes its name from flower.
Among the flowers I was born, and now by a change of home
I have my dwelling among the mountains of Scotia.
Welcome and let me treasure amid northern mists be dear to you."
This painting of Flora was done by Evelyn De Morgan in 1894Taking inspiration from Botticelli's "Primavera", it was created while she was in Florence, Italy. Flora's dress has a Florentine flower pattern, and the tree behind her is a loquat, which actually blooms in late autumn and bears fruit in the Spring.


Enrollment Deadline Reminder

Just a quick reminder that applications need to be in by next Monday (March 25th), to be considered for enrollment on April 1st. To request an enrollment guide please go to our website link below. Thank you!


The Goddess Pax

Statue of the Goddess Pax by sculptor Pietro Baratta, circa 1735. Garden of Pavlovsk Palace, St. Petersburg (Russia).

(photo by DieBuche)


Praise to Sophia, Goddess of Wisdom

O Wisdom!
You circled, circling,
encompassing all things
in one path possessed of life.
Three wings you have -
one of them soars on high,
the second exudes from the earth,
and the third flutters everywhere
Praise to you, as befits you,
O Sapientia!
Written by the Sibyl of the Rhine, Hildegard of Bingen
(Symphonia Armoniae Celestium Revelationum)