Happy full moon!

Hear the call of the rising Wolf Moon,
singing wisdom and respect for the Earth.


Temple of Learning Enrollment Reminder

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Aztec Birthing Prayer

The Aztec Goddess Mayahuel, referred to as the "Lady on the Tortoise Throne."
Surrounded by her plant, the maguey, She aids in childbirth.
In the house with the tortoise chair
she will give birth to the pearl
to the beautiful feather
In the house of the Goddess who sits on the tortoise
she will give birth to the necklace of pearls
to the beautiful feathers we are
There she sits on the tortoise
swelling to give us birth
On your way on your way
child be on your way to me here
you whom I made new
Come here child
come  be pearl
be beautiful feather.
More devotions and prayers may be found on our site:  In Her Name ~ Temple of Learning


News: Athenian Snake Goddess is a Mystery

Quote from article: "Laughy warned that the evidence linking the snake goddess and Demeter is circumstantial. However, he said, the evidence is strong that the woman is not a figure associated with death, but a goddess. If she were Demeter, the snake goddess plaque would be one of the oldest images ever found of that particular deity. Either way, the snake goddess is 'striking,' Laughy said. It's one of the earliest multicolor paintings found in Athens." 

(photo copyright Athenian Agora Excavations)