Goddess News: Ancient Sculptures Found in Perga

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"Archaeological excavations, which have continued for the last three years in the ancient city of Perge, located in the southern province of Antalya, have revealed 13 rare sculptures. Among the recently discovered sculptures were the Roman emperor Caracalla and a number of Greek gods and goddesses, including moon goddess Selene and fortune goddess Tykhe, as well as a detailed horse sculpture."

"Archaeologists have unearthed 13 unique sculptures, including sculptures of Roman Emperor Caracalla, the goddesses Selene, Nemesis, Tykhe as well as a horse, in the ancient city of Perga in Antalya during excavations that have been ongoing for three years."

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Happy Summer Solstice!

May you always hold the warmth and light of the season in your hearts.


Nang Talani

Thai-Lao Earth Goddess, Nang Talinee
(relief from a fountain at Wat Ong Teu, Vientiane, Laos.)


Goddess News: 3800 year-old statuettes discovered

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Three statuettes created Peru's ancient Caral civilisation have been discovered by archaeologists, depicting political leaders and a priestess. . . .The terracotta figurines, measuring no more than 80cm, were unearthed in the district of Vegueta, in the Lima province of Huaura and have been dated to 3,800 years ago. . . Researchers say the statuettes were of deep symbolic significance – they were found in a basket of reeds tied with cotton, with another basket placed inside. The figures had been arranged to be looking at one another.

(photo copyright Peru's Ministry of Culture)


Freya Painting

"So may the Holy Ones help thee,
Frigg and Freyja and favoring Gods,
As thou hast saved me, from sorrow now."
(Painting of Freya by J. Doyle Penrose; Quote from the Elder Edda, Stanza 8, the Oddrunargratr.)


Full Moon Blessings

"Hear, Goddess Queen, diffusing silver light,
Bull-horned and wandering through the gloom of Night.
With stars surrounded, and with circuit wide
Night's torch extending, through the heavens you ride:
Female and Male with borrowed rays you shine,
And now full-orbed, now tending to decline.
Mother of ages, fruit-producing Moon,
Whose amber orb makes Night's reflected noon:
Lover of horses, splendid, queen of Night,
All-seeing power bedecked with starry light.
Lover of vigilance, the foe of strife,
In peace rejoicing, and a prudent life:
Fair lamp of Night, its ornament and friend,
Who givest to Nature's works their destined end.
Queen of the stars, all-wife Diana hail!
Decked with a graceful robe and shining veil;
Come, blessed Goddess, prudent, starry, bright,
Come moony-lamp with chaste and splendid light,
Shine on these sacred rites with prosperous rays,
And pleased accept thy suppliant's mystic praise."

(From "The Hymns of Orpheus", trans. T. Taylor)