Happy Navratri!

This year's Navratri begins on September 25th and will be celebrated until October 3rd. (Durga Puja celebrations are on September 29th.)  During this festival of the nine nights, nine forms of the Mother Goddess Shakti/Devi are honored. Each region in India celebrates this festival according to their own tradition, but in some areas three days each are dedicated to Durga, Lakshmi and Sarasvati, respectively. This holiday culminates on the tenth day with the observance of Vijayadashami.


Equinox Blessings

May the abundance of the season surround and nourish your soul.

In Her Name ~ Temple of Learning

(painting by Karl Bang)


Happy full moon!

Blessings of the Full Moon in Pisces.
May her rays bring deep cleansing and lasting healing to all.

(Mermaid Full Moon artwork copyright Sue Halstenberg.)


Prayer to Sarasvati

"Fair as a jasmine flower, the moon or a flake of snow,
Dressed in white, your hands adorned by the graceful veena staff,
Adorned by Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, and the other deities,
Protect me, Oh Goddess Saraswati, remover of ignorance inert."


 (Traditional prayer to Sarasvati. Photo of Sarasvati altar, Mangalore Kudroli temple by Karunakar Rayker.)