Full Moon Blessings

May the Snow Moon bring you quiet comfort and peace.


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Happy Chinese New Year!

In Chinese mythology, on the first day of the lunar month, the Goddess Nuwa decided to create animals.  On the first day, she created chickens; she made dogs on the second, sheep on the third, pigs on the fourth, cows on the fifth, and horses on the sixth.  Finally on the seventh day, she fashioned humans from yellow clay. 

Nuwa is also known for repairing the wall of heaven when the sky collapsed and a great flood threatened the world.  She is often called the "Snake Goddess," having half-human and half-serpent form. (sometimes also referred to as half-human, half dragon)

"Nuwa's deeds benefited the heavens above and the earth below. Her name was remembered by later generations and her light shone on every creation. Now she was traveling on a thunder-chariot drawn by a two-winged dragon and two green hornless dragons, with auspicious objects in her hands and a special mattress underneath, surrounded by golden clouds, a white dragon leading the way and a flying snake following behind."

From the Huainanzi, 2nd century BCE.


News article: Goddess Iemanja celebrated

Brazil Pays Tribute to Iemanja, Goddess of the Sea:
"Women carry flower offerings for Iemanja on Copacabana beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on December 29, 2012. Tens of thousands of people across Brazil on Saturday paid their annual tribute to Iemanja, the goddess of the sea in the Afro-Brazilian religion Candomble, offering flowers, food and perfume, as drums belted out African rhythms. "
And here is another article, with some beautiful photos:
(photo copyright France 24)


For Brighid's Day

"The sacred Three,
to save,
to shield,
to surround
the hearth,
the house,
the household,
this eve,
this night,
oh! this eve,
this night,
and every night,
each single night."
Carmina Gadelica
For more prayers and devotions:  In Her Name