Goddess news: Artemis statue unearthed

Artemis sculptured unearthed - quote from the article:  "A marble sculpture head of Artemis from the fourth century BC has been uncovered in the ancient city of Alabanda as the archeological excavations there come to a close . . . This year also geophysical analysis was done in the area and another goddess’ temple was found." 

(photo copyright DHA)


Happy Full Moon!

In our part of the world, the native Tohono O'odham refer to this moon as "Eda Wa'ugath Mashath", or "Moon of the Backbone."  This signifies the time when the year is divided in half by the Sun.


Solstice wishes

New light brings new hope,
and the promise of rebirth and renewal.
Many Solstice Blessings!

(Painting by Caspar David Friedrich, 1818.)


Goddess Kuan Yin

Kuan Yin's name translates to:
"She Who Hears the Cries of the World."
Kuan Yin mantra:
"Namo Kuan Shi Yin Pusa."
"I hail to the Bodhisattva who listens with mercy to the sounds of the world."
Excerpt from the P'u Men Chapter of the Lotus Sutra:
"True Kuan Yin! Pure Kuan Yin!
Immeasurably wise Kuan Yin!
Merciful and filled with pity,
Ever longed-for and revered!

O' Radiance spotless and effulgent!
O' night-dispelling Sun of Wisdom!
O' Vanquisher of storm and flame!
Your glory fills the world!
Your pity is a shield from lightning,
Your compassion forms a wondrous cloud
Which, raining down the Dharma-nectar,
Extinguishes the flames of woe."
(photo by Jpatokal at Daien-in Temple, Japan)


Prayer to Nehalennia

 Greetings Goddess Nehalennia,
 Greetings protective Mother,
 Goddess Nehalennia, who gives us fruitfulness,
 Goddess Nehalennia, who give the land bountifulness,
 Goddess Nehalennia, who protects the land from water,
 Goddess Nehalennia, who protects people against water,
 Goddess Nehalennia, who protects sailors and merchants from water,
 Goddess Nehalennia, who protects trade from water,
 Goddess Nehalennia, who brings prosperity through water,
 Goddess Nehalennia, protecting Mother hear our prayers.
 Protect us today against all dangers and grant us prosperity!
(Early prayer to  Nehalennia)

(Photo by M. Mabel of  shrine of Nehalennia approx. 150-250 CE, Netherlands. Showing her holding loaves of bread, with a dog and a basket of apples on either side.)

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